At Harbor Christian Church, we seek to connect with one another in deeper ways to build a sacred community. We know that more than ever, we all need community; we all need a place where we can feel safe and fully known. If you feel overwhelmed with the divisiveness of the world, if you are looking for a community of people who are socially aware and responsive to local and global injustices, or if you just want to feel a little less alone, please consider joining one of our gatherings.

A Note from our Pastor, Sadie Cullumber

We are living in hard times.  A global pandemic is spreading fast, as too many pretend it isn’t real.  Police violence against the Black community has reached fever pitch, as white cops lynched a Black man in the streets of Minneapolis.  Our nation is in upheaval, as we try to stop the bleeding of racial wounds that have been crying out for healing for generations!  And in case this isn’t enough, our economy is more uncertain than ever.  We are living in hard times!

The fact that we are living in hard times makes it even more important to join together in creative ways.  If you’re feeling like you need a sacred place to process the grief, fear, and uncertainty that you are feeling, Harbor is here for you.  If you are feeling like it is time to learn a little more about white privilege and how it is hurting our country, we are here to help.  We are doing this hard work ourselves.  And this hard work is forming us into an even stronger and more resilient community.  After all, it is within the nurturing space of community that we find healing, learning, transformation, and wholeness.

We are a community looking to connect and build meaningful relationships with other people who are ready to make a positive impact in our larger community.  We know it’s hard to reach out, but we really hope you do.   You will be welcomed.  You will be received.  See you on Zoom!

In love,
Pastor Sadie


Join Our Online Faith Community!

We invite you to find your community here at Harbor. During this unprecedented time in our nation and around the world, the need for community togetherness is more important than ever.

Join our faith community by participating in our virtual worship services or one of our many online events. Click the links below to learn more.


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